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Family Archive Scan Services

Do you have shoe boxes full of photos, carrousels of slides and sleeves of negatives lying around, or maybe you inherited from a loved one? They most likely have images of your family and their adventures on them. Wouldn't you like to organize them, share them with family & friends and preserve these memories for future generations?

We can help:

What better way is there to reflect on your history than to have these scans converted to DVD? Bring us your slides, prints or negatives and we can transfer your treasured moments to a lasting digital format. Family Archive Scans are a less expensive alternative to our traditional scans.


This service does not clean each slide or print, like on our higher resolution scans. We recommend this service when someone has a large quantity of memories to preserve.


We burn the files onto a DVD as a jpeg format, but if you'd like them to be in DVD slide show format, we can do that as well! They will be the hit at your next family event, we guarantee it!


For more information on slide scans and formatting, please click here!


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