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DSLR Sensor Cleaning

Are you tired of taking dirty pictures? Are you seeing spots on your images that shouldn't be there? We can take care of that for you.


Your camera may have a self cleaning mode, but sometimes you need to help it a little farther along.

How it works:

Our digital sensor cleaning is performed according to manufacturer recommendations.


It's a one to three business day turn around, just bring us your camera fully charged and we'll have it back to you in no time! The service is only $69. and is guaranteed to remove those annoying dusk mark off of your images.


DSLR Sensor cleaning includes;

Sensor cleaning

Mirror cavity cleaning


How to keep your sensor clean:

Avoid changing lenses in risky environments (where there is wind, water, dust etc) - pick a lens and try to stick with it.

Turn camera off before changing lenses. On some cameras the sensor has an electric charge that will actually attract dust to it like a magnet.

Hold camera upside down (with the opening facing down) when changing lenses - it's impossible for dust to fall into your camera if it's upside down (unless there is wind that blows it up into it).


Have your lens ready when you're changing lenses (be prepared and have your new lens ready to attach so that your camera is open for as short a time as possible).

Check your lenses for dust before attaching them - have a blower that you can get any specs off your lens with.


For more information on sensor cleaning please click here!

Notice: We are not responsible for any damages, consequential or incidental, fees or injury for cameras that cannot be cleaned by us. By bringing us your camera for cleaning, you acknowledge that the camera already has specks, dust or dirt inside it that has rendered it unusable to you. We are simply offering our expertise to you in an attempt to help you reduce the specks or dirt, to recover some use of your camera, but we are no way responsible for the actual loss of use, loss as a result of dirt, dusk, specks, or inability to clean it if it is unclean able itself. Any camera may be refused for cleaning for any reason including, but not limited to: scratches on CCD (from other previous cleanings or other events that have damaged it) smears due to oiling, lubrication, damage due to dropping, water or fluid damage, sand and grit damage.

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